Personal Narratives: Building Strong Writers with Storytelling

shutterstock_114440653This 3-hour workshop will show teachers how to use storytelling as a tool to improve the writing skills of their students. As a result of the workshop teachers will:

  • Know an incremental storytelling process to help students unite their language skills effectively.
  • Know how to use this process to increase students’ proficiency as readers, writers and speakers.
  • Be able to guide students through an exercise that uses telling, listening, comparing and contrasting, analyzing, writing, and editing.
  • Be able to act as facilitators for positive feedback in whole class storytelling sessions.
  • Appreciate how some students’ newfound success through innate verbal abilities can be a key to leverage their reading and writing skills.
  • Appreciate how this process can be adapted to other areas of study.

All attendees will have the chance to enter a drawing for two classroom residencies, (1 hour for 5 days) during the upcoming school year. This workshop is recommended for teachers teaching 3 – 5th grade. The workshop is presented by Storytelling Arts of Indiana. To make a donation click here. In the comments field please write-in Teacher Workshop.