Joanna Bennett aka “Joanna the Storyteller”

5801 N. Pontiac Drive, Apt. H
Indianapolis, IN 46224
Ph: 317-437-1519

Stories of Diversity: Exploring African American History in the Wild West Historical characters of the West spring to life as professional actress/NABS storyteller Joanna Bennett shares their stories for delighted audiences. “Stagecoach” Mary Fields was the first female mail carrier hired in the US, and she delivered mail in the Montana Territory from 1895 to 1903. Born a slave in Tennessee, Mary’s strength, courage and intelligence shine as Bennett tells her story. Trader, trapper, & trailblazer James Beckwourth was the son of a white captain in the Revolutionary War and a black slave woman, he spoke three languages, lived with and fought with Crow Indians, and discovered a place for early pioneers to cross the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Bennett’s engaging performances of these and many more historical figures include singing, A&A, audience participation.