Endowment Contributions

September 2008 – To Date

100th Anniversary Celebration Grant Fund, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation
Jean Andres
Sam Arafat
Melissa Bailey
Marcia Baker
Frank and Katrina Basile
Richard and Katherine Badertscher
Ned Baugh in honor of Hope Baugh
Donita Lynn Bayer
Alyssa Beattie
Amy Begley
Ron Block
Celestine Bloomfield
John and Carol Brown
Kathleen Burgess
Gay Burkhart
Gay Burkhart in honor of Frank and Katrina Basile
Dana Burton
Stephanie Cassman
Jesse and Patricia Clark
Kia Coleman
Beatrice Cork
Samantha Cross
Donald Cummings
Andrea Davis
Melvin and Sue Dice
Melvin Dice in memory of his wife, Sue Dice
Fred Fackenthal
Edward and Anne Frye
David and Deloris Garrett
Rick and Nancy Germano
Michele Goodrich
Cynthia Goodyear
Thomas and Patricia Grabill
Andrew D. Hamaker
William Harting
Jenny Hawke
Sharon Henriksen and Monie Lee
John Herbst
Jane Herndon and Dan Kramer
Janice Hise and Brian Donahue
Stephanie Holman
Briane House
David Hughes
Gil and Cindy Hutchins
Pamela Jackson in memory of S. Kaye Cox
Jean Kellison in honor of Midge Munds
Ed and Donna Kenninger
Carol Kramer
Lewis Kappes
Fran Long
Kathryn Maeglin
Barbara Mallett in memory of Mary Virginia Mallett
Lisa Marchal
Beverly Martin
Marnie Maxwell
Christopher and Clarice McCauley
J. Lee McNeely In honor of John Trimble
Curt Miller
Beth Millett
John & Kathryn Millett in honor of Beth Millett
Kathryn Morgan
James and Judith Mowry
Ellen Munds
Fred and Midge Munds
Cynthia Munerol
Michael O’Brien and Jackie Nytes
Brenda Owens
Willis and Linda Parker in honor of Cris and Beryl Crismore
Sheryl Peoples
Deborah Persic
Kathryn Peterson
Nancy Phillips
Clinton and Cheryl Pletcher
Scott Putney
Todd Richardson
Peter and Janet Robash in honor of Celestine Bloomfield
John Robertson in honor of Jeannette Robertson
Jane Root in honor Nancy Barton, Ellen Munds, Bob Sander
Bob Sander and Nancy Barton
John and Margaret Sauffer
George Seybert
Bob Seymour in honor of Bob Sander
Anne Shimojima
Michael Shultz
Craig Shumaker
Kenneth and Carol Simpson
Micheal and Julie Smith
Rose Soliven
Clarice Stegall, in memory of Carroll Stegall
Don Steffy
Barbara Stilwell and Ray Dunkin
John and Ann Trimble
Rick and Frances Whitener
Bob and Nan Withington In memory of Fred and Midge Munds
Ryan Zumbahlen

In honor of Ellen H Munds

John and Carol Brown
Judith Burke
David Chalfie
Donald Cummings
Melvin and Sue Dice
Ed and Sandra Harris
Anastacia Kilian
Beth Millett
Ted Parkhurst
Patricia Roberts

The Epilogue (Planned Gifts)

Frank and Katrina Basile for Emerging Stories
Frank and Katrina Basile for If These Walls Could Tell
Celestine Bloomfield
Anne Frye
Steve Hamilton
Fran Long
Beth Millett
Ellen H. Munds
Michael O’Brien
Judy Powell