The endowment was established in order to secure financial stability for the future of Storytelling Arts of Indiana. The endowment is managed by The Central Indiana Community Foundation and is governed by a Board of Directors. In most cases, the directors are past board members of Storytelling Arts of Indiana.

In the fall of 2017, we launched our 30th Celebration Campaign. To contribute to this campaign, click here.

In addition to cash contributions, the endowment gratefully accepts planned gifts to accomplish both your financial and philanthropic goals. The easiest way to make a planned gift is to list Storytelling Arts of Indiana Endowment Trust, Inc. as one of your beneficiaries on an IRA or retirement plan. You will need to know the Federal Tax Identification Number for the endowment, 35-1956871. Other forms of planned gifts include:

  • Bequests of cash or property through a will are easily made and are free of estate taxes.
  • Life insurance can offer an immediate tax deduction in the amount of cash value of the policy when Storytelling Arts is named as the irrevocable beneficiary. In addition, any premiums that you pay thereafter are deductible as charitable gifts.
  • Trusts are life-payment plans that allow donors to make a substantial gift to charity while still providing for their personal needs. Plans include bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance and retirement plans.

Since your financial situation is unique, please consult with your financial advisor or attorney.  Make a planned gift today and join The Epilogue Circle.

To learn more about Storytelling Arts of Indiana and the endowment, visit GuideStar. To contact Storytelling Arts of Indiana’s executive director about a bequest, life insurance or trust option, call 317-576-9848 or ellen@storytellingarts.org.