Current Contributors

2015 – 2017 Annual Campaign Contributions

July 1, 2015 – January 1, 2017

EPIC ($1,500+)
Arts Council of Indianapolis and the City of Indianapolis
Barnes & Thornburg
Frank and Katrina Basile
Crown Hill Cemetery & Heritage Foundation (In-kind)
Endowment for Storytelling Arts of Indiana
The Food Guys (In-kind)
Hamilton County Tourism
Ice Miller
Beth and Evan Millett
Indiana Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts
Indiana Historical Society
Indiana Humanities
Indiana Landmarks (In-kind)
Lewis Kappes
Jim Obermaier and Sally Perkins
Michael O’Brien and Jackie Nytes
NUVO (In-kind)
Pathfinder Wealth Management
Printing Partners (In-kind)
Roundpeg (In-Kind)
Summer Youth Fund
Rob and Carole Thoman, DDS
Tube Processing
WFYI (In-kind)
MYTH ($750 – $1,499)
John and Carol Brown
Beatrice Cork
Kaitlin Enneking
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Penny Ortega
Roger and Anna Radue
John and JoAn Robertson
Joe and Kim Rompala
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
Ryan Zumbahlen and Christy Shaffer
LEGEND ($500 – $749)
Congregation Beth-El Zedeck
Deliberate Media (In-Kind)
E Tapestry Foundation
Tom and Pat Grabill
Steve Hamilton
Jane Herndon and Dan Kramer
Tom and Joanne Howe
Patrick and Barbara James
Lake City Bank
Jim Lindgren and Brenda Myers
Megan McKinney Cooper
Beverly Martin
Clint and Cheryl Pletcher
Roundpeg (In-kind)
John Sauffer
Rick and Frances Whitener
LITERARY STORY ($200 – $499)
Patricia Anker
Richard and Katherine Badertscher
Larry and Lisa Beiter
Gay Burkhart
Bob and Andrea Davis
Amparo De La Pena
Larry and Ann Durkos
Deborah Figueiredo
Anne Frye
Mary Fortney
Michele Goodrich
Ann Grimes
Colleen Hittle
Hoaglin Fine Catering (In-Kind)
Lyle and Rhonda Hunnicutt
Kenneth and Krisztina Inskeep
Michael Kirkmeyer
Manny and Jessica Herceg
Gary Larsen
Fran Long
Margaret M. Maxwell and John L. Krauss
Caroline and David Pentzien
Jeffrey and Julie Qualkinbush
Becky Ridder
Joe and Kim Rompala
Matthew Russell and Nanette Schulte
Anne Shimojima
Gayle Steigerwald
Sun King Brewing Co. (In-Kind)
TALL TALE ($150 – $199)
Rochelle and Michael Cohen
Fred and Judy Fackenthal
Brian and Stephanie Laskey
Rick Libert
Mass Ave Wine (In-kind)

Denise Martin
William Scott

FAIRY TALE ($100 – $149)
All Soul’s Unitarian Church
Hope Baugh
Doris Bond
Laura Bramble
Betty Brandt
Doriann Cain
Danny and Patty Callison
Jessica Champlin
Shirley Charles
Jesse and Patricia Clark
Peggy Colby
Jane Corbett
Cato and Beatrice Cork
Dr. Bryan Crable in honor of his mother Anna Liechty
Donald and Dolly Craft
Larry Cripe and Mary Jacobs
Peg Dawson
Stephanie Edwards
Stan Evans and Allison Wharry
Gaston and Linda Fernandez
Karen Friss
Mary M. Gavaghan
Una Hartzell-Baird
Janice Hise and Brian Donahue
Ed and Donna Kenninger
Barbara Koenig
Deborah Lawrence
Michael Leinauer
Michael and Valerie MacLean
Kathryn Maeglin
Barbara Mallett
Alice Mattingly
Jane Meyer
Chad Miller
Pauline Moffat
Cynthia Munerol
Keith Norwalk
Jane Root
Scott Putney and Susan Sawyer
Kenneth and Carol Simpson
Pam Skrzynecki
Micheal and Julie Smith
William and Inga Smith
Barbara Stilwell and Ray Dunkin
Steve and Barbara Tegarden
Robin Thoman
John and Ann Trimble
Kathleen Vaughn
Marguerite Winslow and Loretta Knapp
Robert and Nancy Withington
FABLE ($51 – $99)
Richard and Doyne Carson
Melvin Dice
Bella Fong
Jeanne Gabonay
Jacqueline Griswold
Gary Thompson & Leigh Harris
Lou Ann Homan
Michael Parent

Accumulative Tales $50 and Under
Tom and Bev Agnew in honor of Beverly Martin
Randy Ayers
Ned Baugh
Sherri Bertram
Judith Black
Myra Bottoms
Bruce Brush
Judith Burke
Nancy Burton
Lisa Chapman
Carol Evans Conley
Jane Corbett
Josefa Crowe
Carole Damin
Peter and Georgia Dunn
Michael Evans
Doreen Fatula
Rick and Nancy Germano
Robert Golden
Sandra Harris
Larry and Donna Henriksen
Margaret Hentz
Jim and Nancy Hubbard
Rosemary Igney
Jean Kellison
Emily Knapp
Deborah Lawrence in honor of Beth Millett
Sue Lazar
Shirley Lindenmeyer
Sue Lynch
Andrea McCarthy in honor of Patrick McCarthy
Megan McKinney Cooper
David Miller
Donna Monday
Mike and Jennifer Newberg
David Peerless
Jean Perkins
Judy Powell
Diane Richards
Scott Richardson
Sharon Russo

Sally Sando

Jim Shepherd
Brad and Bethany Spencer
Allen and Diana Standridge
Clarice Stegall
Linda Stevens
Gary Thompson and Leigh Harris
Sue Thompson
Suzannah Walker and Linda Perdue
Bert and Caryl Wilhoite
George and Betsy Wilson
Richard and Lenelle Winslow