Sheila Kay Adams Dances to Her Own Beat

written by Sarah Stone Sheila Kay Adams may very well be the youngest soul you’ll ever meet. She tells her audience that she’ll soon be 65 years old but does so while dancing to her own beat just, as it seems, as she does everything else in life.... read more

Storytelling Arts of Indiana Celebrates 30 Years!

Written by Ellen Munds Executive Director More than thirty years ago, three friends had a desire to host a storytelling festival in Central Indiana. They realized that dream with the founding of Stories, Inc. and the annual Hoosier... read more

Indiana’s Historical Canal Projects Woven into Poetry

Written by Penny Dunning In Once, There was a Canal, Indianapolis poet Liza Hyatt tells the story of Indiana’s Irish immigrants who built the Wabash and Erie Canal. When completed, the Wabash and Erie was the 2nd largest canal in... read more

Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups

written by Claire McGuinness This past Saturday, at the Frank and Katrina Basile Theater, a good sized audience assembled and were delighted by two talented storytellers. Bob Sander delivered a lively introduction which highlighted the... read more

Do You Know Where You Were On August 13, 1988?

By Ellen Munds Executive Director Do you know where you were on Saturday, Aug. 13, 1988? I do. I was at the First Annual Hoosier Storytelling Festival on the grounds at Conner Prairie. This was the first event produced by Stories, Inc.—now... read more

Our Lives are Made Up of Stories

By Ellen Munds Have you noticed that our lives are made up of stories? Some of us have stories of immigrating to the U.S., and some of us have stories of moving from one state to another. Some of us have stories of backpacking across Europe,... read more

The Ghost of Fowler Theatre

By Stephanie Holman The summer of 2016 brought news of a commission from the Storytelling Arts of Indiana and Indiana Landmarks to write and tell a story about the Fowler Theatre, a 1940’s movie theater in Fowler, IN and winner of the 2016 Cook Cup... read more

Don White, A Working Class Man

By Don White What drew you to storytelling? I started out as a songwriter who had some funny and some serious songs. I got a job at a comedy club and began learning about stand up. I preferred the storyteller type of comics to the joke tellers.... read more

Over There and Back Again

By Sharon Kirk Clifton Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Some call it research, but I prefer to think of it as a cold-case investigation, at least on my part. I’m talking about all that goes into crafting a new historical program. A year ago,... read more