Life on the road as modern day troubadours

Written by Lisa Lynne Fronted by illustrious Celtic storyteller and wire strung harpist Patrick Ball, our trio blends stories and music to create a theatrical experience that is rich in history, humor and, of course, music. Aryeh and I play... read more

My First Experience

Written By Claire McGuinnes I recently read a post on the internet (somewhere) that asked if the future of stand-up comedy was going to be a comedian standing on stage, typing into his phone, text blurbs appearing on a screen behind him in silence... read more

A Storytelling High

by David Peerless I am coming off a storytelling high and wanted to share the experience with you the best that I can.  For the last ten years there has been an organization of professional storytellers(*1) called “The March of the... read more

Mr. Pressley, A Dangerous Man

By C. Ed Bryson “Because it’s dangerous down there,” snapped Ms. Dunkleburg in answer to Harold Owen’s “Why”. We sat alert, in something like an assembly, on the second day of school after summer break. Rural children, left to roam wood and glen for... read more

Five Questions Answered by Clare Muireann Murphy

1. What project are you currently working on? I am currently getting ready to go on tour (Sept 15-Oct 25th across the US). That is my biggest current project. In terms of my creative work I am looking for a new piece to make. I have premiered three new shows this... read more

Bad Brother – Religion and Politics in ‘69”

Written by Loren Niemi Are there parallels between the circumstances of late ‘60’s and our current political/social stresses? That question is one of the considerations that underpins “Bad Brother: Religion and Politics in ‘69” While it begins with... read more

It’s okay to Lie

Written by Janet Pillsbury It’s okay to lie.  Go ahead.  Lie.  Lie a lot.  Make up a big tale about something that might be true but wait, no way it could be.  You have my permission to lie.   Even better?  You might get paid to lie!   Sure I... read more

Hoosier Hysteria Without Hinkle? Heck No!

By Sally Wirthwein It’s not often you find yourself seemingly alone in a soaring, expansive space that seats over 9,000.  A brick fortress rising 5 stories high, spanning over 2 acres.  A place that would hold “a lot of hay”.[1] ... read more