Hoosier Hysteria Without Hinkle? Heck No!

By Sally Wirthwein It’s not often you find yourself seemingly alone in a soaring, expansive space that seats over 9,000.  A brick fortress rising 5 stories high, spanning over 2 acres.  A place that would hold “a lot of hay”.[1] ... read more

Bil Lepp is Hilarious

Written by Julia Spratt Bil Lepp is hilarious. Really, this post could be done after that sentence, but I’ll keep going because there are so many other wonderful things to be said about Storytelling Arts of Indiana’s 16th annual fundraising... read more

Unraveling Small Mysteries

written by Maire Gurevitz Deep down, I think I became an archivist because ever since I was a small child desperately wishing for my life to mirror Harriet the Spy’s, I have never turned down the chance to solve a good mystery. Who are the... read more

How Turkeys Got Their Stuffing

Written by Bil Lepp Long ago when the animals still talked and all the world had not yet been worked out, turkeys where hallow. Also, turkeys did not have feathers. They were bald. Like beach balls. They also had no wings, no neck, no eyes,... read more

My First Storytelling Experience

Written by Julia Spratt The Storytelling Arts event on March 19th with performer Carol Birch was my first experience in the storytelling world. From the moment I walked through the front doors of the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History... read more

Project Takes Me Back to 19 Century Indiana

Written by Lou Ann Homan Rain pours out my window from gray skies covering gray buildings. I look through the arched windows and find great beauty in this landscape. This building, the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis, is my home this... read more

The Importance of Oral Storytelling: Myths and Legends

By David Peerless The spoken word has been, and still is, the most frequently used and most important mode of communication; even in these days of texting and emails. The spoken word contains subtleties that the written word – even with... read more

I am a Jabberwocky Fan

Carol Kramer I am a Jabberwocky fan because I enjoy the very casual welcoming atmosphere created by co-hosts Storytelling Arts of Indiana and Indy Fringe. No tickets are needed, so I can attend on the spur of the moment. The evening offers wine,... read more