Written by: David Champa

20180606_183756_001Sally Perkins is a well-known professional storyteller in the Indianapolis community for more than thirty years.  She tells a wide variety of stories, from fiction to non-fiction, and history to ghost stories.  She speaks in such a way that the audience is constantly engaged and eagerly awaiting what comes next, and last night’s event at the Carmel Clay Public Library was no exception.

Sally started of her amazing hour of storytelling with the story of a monkey and a rabbit who are annoyed by each other’s habits.  Rather than simply dictate the story, she got the audiences involved in doing the motions of each animal, which was enjoyed by adults and young children alike.  At times the whole audience was on their feet, doing the motions of a monkey scratching themselves and a rabbit who can’t stop twitching.  The dance was so enjoyable that some of the kids never stopped doing it for the whole rest of the story.  The great thing about each one of Sally’s stories is that they always have an underlying moral, in this case that you should always be considerate of other people’s needs and wants.  This is a great way in which she impacts the lives of younger generations.

Another one of her stories told the tale of a princess who could never stop laughing.  No matter what happened to the princess, she would always laugh.  Sally’s interpretation of the princess’s laugh was so convincing that it had the whole audience laughing along with her.  When the princesses two favorite dolls were dropped from the tower in an effort to make her stop laughing, the audience fell silent, adults and children alike eagerly waiting for what would happen next.  The silence hung in the air until Sally began to laugh, and the audience along with her.  Whether the audience realized it from the start or not, they were emotionally involved in the story and the characters that Sally had created.

Sally is a truly inspiring storyteller who can make a room burst into laughter or fall into complete silence at her discretion.  The work Sally does is an inspiration to us all, and we are happy to have her as part of our storytelling family.  This event was made possible by the Hope Baugh Endowment Fund.