Written By: David Champa

Photo (1)My name is David Champa and I am the summer intern for Storytelling Arts of Indiana.  I am a Senior at Butler University studying Arts Administration in Music.  I grew up playing double bass in the New Albany Symphony Orchestra in New Albany, Ohio.  Even though I was relatively young and inexperienced when I started there, it was an excellent crash course in music, and taught me the difference between being a musician and being a professional musician.  Later on, in high school, I began participating in the Chamber Music Connection, a nonprofit group that provides high level music education to young people in central Ohio.  This organization taught me the value of arts education at a young age and gave me and many others performance opportunities that we could not have gotten anywhere else.  We had frequent opportunities to perform for the community, such as an annual outreach concert at the Ohio State School for the Blind.  Every year, a group of musicians from the organization would visit the school and spend a day rehearsing with their orchestra.  At the end of the day, we would put on a concert for the other students and their families.  Above all else, the Chamber Music Connection helped to spark my interest and passion for the world of nonprofits and arts education.

I am also an Eagle Scout, and a former member of BSA Troop 318.  Scouting has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember and has greatly impacted the way in which I think about the world.  From an early age, I can remember doing charity work of all kinds.  One weekend we might be cleaning leaves and doing yardwork for people with disabilities, the next we might be planting trees in a public park.  Throughout my time as a Boy Scout, I also had the opportunity to hold a wide variety of leadership positions.  At various times I was the Quartermaster, Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, and Chaplains Aid.  I was also the Chapter Chief in our regional branch in the Order of the Arrow, The Newa Hanna Chapter.  Serving in these positions of authority gave me a lot of insight into effective methods of leadership.  I quickly learned the importance of considering everyone’s opinion and leading through example, not through harshness.  I was extremely fortunate to have so many chances to lead, as it allowed me a place to learn what was affective in an environment where the consequences were not severe.  Through the Boy Scouts of America, I learned the value of helping others and acting selflessly.

All of these experiences are what inspired me to study nonprofit management.  When it came time to go to college, I chose Butler University specifically for its Arts Administration program.  I knew that it would allow me to combine my passion for the arts with my passion for helping other people.  Even though my background is in music, I am inspired by the work of the Storytelling Arts of Indiana and am looking forward to using my passion to serve the Indianapolis community.