Written by Jane Corbett
Board Member of Storytelling Arts of Indiana

Adam Booth3Adam Booth’s first storytelling show in the state of Indiana took place on March 24, 2018 at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center. In spite of less than ideal road conditions in and around the downtown area, more than 50 people attended the performance. While a major snow event played itself out, the audience was treated to two outstanding stories by this young storyteller.

Adam’s first tale was a traditional Appalachian story in which Ashton, the heroine, was the wife of a coal miner. Adam excelled at his craft of telling, drawing the audience into his story immediately and making us feel as though we were there in that West Virginia coal town. Appalachian music, sung acapella, threaded its way throughout the performance. By the end of the tale, everyone in the theater was under the spell of this talented storyteller.

The second story that the audience was treated to was a childhood adventure with Adam and his older brother that involved a hot rod car, firecrackers and fire. Adam’s descriptions and the constant potential for danger throughout the story heightened our senses and left this listener wondering how he survived his childhood. What a treat to have been part of the audience during Adam Booth’s storytelling debut in Indiana!