Written by Ellen Munds
Executive Director

30th ArtMore than thirty years ago, three friends had a desire to host a storytelling festival in Central Indiana. They realized that dream with the founding of Stories, Inc. and the annual Hoosier Storytelling Festival in August, 1988. This one- day festival featured Carol Birch, Celestine Bloomfield, Len Cabral, Syd Lieberman and Jim May. With the help of many talented community members, the organization now known as Storytelling Arts of Indiana currently offers year-round programming for diverse audiences. From weekly storytelling at a local children’s hospital to workshops on using storytelling as a tool for classroom teachers, we are thrilled to reach this milestone of infusing the art of storytelling into everyday life.

We are celebrating this milestone with two special upcoming performances:

• Featuring Dolores Hydock telling Eglamore and Cristobel: A Medieval Love Story with the medieval music trio PanHarmonium.

• Presenting Father Daze featuring Bil Lepp, Bill Harley and Don White for Talk of the Town, three of the funniest guys in the storytelling community.

As an organization, we are reflecting and setting new goals for the future stability of Storytelling Arts of Indiana. This includes increasing the size of our endowment, increasing the number of planned gifts and completing our succession plan. I want Storytelling Arts of Indiana to live beyond my tenure.

If you want us to continue to infuse the art of storytelling into everyday life with outstanding performances; if you want us to continue to create places for elders to gather, listen and tell family stories; if you want us to increase the number of recordings in the Life Stories Project; we need your help. There are many to do so. You may:

• Make a donation to our annual campaign
• Make a donation to our 30th Celebration Endowment Campaign ($30 in celebration of 30 Years)
• Purchase tickets and attend our events with your friends
• Help us spread the word about Storytelling Arts of Indiana through social media

It is that simple. Make your donation online, While you’re online, purchase tickets to one of our many upcoming events and invite a friend to join you. If you use social media, please take the time to like us and post about us using #StorytellingIndy.

If you want the stories and Storytelling Arts of Indiana to continue, please respond today.